• New level of software development process  — automated creation and optimization of high-quality applications.
  • Most parts of development work can be performed by analysts with no special programming skills. A large number of built-in components, automatic form generation based on data sources allow users to create applications of high complexity quickly and easily and deploy them to the server.
  • Evolutionary solution to any problem is possible by integrating software in the company’s IT-landscape. Applications created on our platform work in all modern browsers and can adapt to any mobile device.

Aspect Insight Platform supports the Agile methodology and Low-Coding.

Low-Code Development Platforms

The main reasons of Low-Code Development Platforms utility are almost absolute absence of manual coding and minimum initial investment in customization, training and deployment. Further information is disclosed in the report, The Forrester Wave ™: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016.

Platform Modules
Aspect Insight Platform
Dynamic Model
Distributed object-oriented data storage in RAM.
Subsystem for design, execution, debugging, and analysis of business processes.
Visual UI editor.
Subsystem for integration of various segmentary applications of enterprise IT-environment.
Applications for service management.
Complex event processing subsystem.
Subsystem for user and group management and user activity monitoring.
Authentication and verification of user access rights to applications.
Tools for monitoring and managing of integration process runtime environment.
Application Server, able to provide infrastructure for platform components implementation.
Scheduler, able to run actions, integration processes, business processes on schedule in BPM-subsystem.

Flexibility and scalability of the product allow you to take into account individual needs of your business, saving resources on specialized software purchase.

Aspect Insight Platform allows you to:

  • Eliminate the possibility of fuzzy understanding of the problem — all prototypes are done “in front” of the Customer in 2-3 hours;
  • Quickly adapt engineered solutions development from prototype to commercial operation and technical support;
  • Easily and rapidly integrate created applications with storage and databases of the company, including existing ones;
  • Automate targeted business processes through integration in the IT-landscape;
  • Reduce the time for application creation compared to conventional implementation period from the date of Customer specifications approval;
  • Combine all information systems of the Customer in a single information space.