In addition to development and implementation of our own decisions, “Aspect” LLC is actively implementing solutions of a leading business application and service provider – Infor. We are an Infor Silver Partner.

“Aspect” LLC provides a wide range of Infor products, taking into account the specific need of production.


Infor BI – System of Balanced Scorecard

Infor BI – Business analysis, financial consolidation and business performance management on the Infor platform.

Infor BI collects data from source application in real-time and transfers it into various types of reports and charts delivered through a fully integrated set of solutions with a common user interface. Every time you make changes, the information is automatically updated. You get a new version of the data in real time, which is based on innovative technology with such features as mobility, Big Data-processing and in-memory computing.

Infor EAM – Enterprise asset management

Organizations all over the world are using Infor EAM to make informed decisions on maintenance and repair management, inventory management, guarantees management, production equipment availability, risk management and strategic planning.

Infor LN – ERP-system

One of the best ERP-solutions for production control, including reporting, supply chain and projects, distribution of finished products and service.

Infor ION – Integration platform

Infor ION is innovative middleware software. With Infor ION all your information systems will work as a single unit. The solution can significantly improve management of exceptions and achieve unprecedented efficiency of information systems.

Infor Ming.le – Single social sphere of enterprise applications

Infor Ming.le™ provides opportunities for social collaboration, analytics and business process management in a single environment interaction.