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Infor EAM is a complex asset management solution. It enables users to monitor asset statuses and performance, to analyze the data to find key trends and challenges, as well as to make decisions to preclude problems.

Infor EAM helps to:

  • Reduce the maintenance cost and assets repair
  • Reduce the cost of buying new equipment
  • Develop a maintenance and repair plan on the basis of management reliability indicators
  • Analyze the types, the consequences, and critical failures
  • Minimize risks by analyzing management reliability

With Infor EAM you get a tool to manage:
assets hierarchy
Keep track of assets location, their place in the equipment hierarchy.
Automate everything about your budget.
Receive automatic notifications about assets status.
Order the right parts to stay in the leading positions in delivery terms, payments to suppliers and goods reception.
Keep track of all activities and manage them, plan and forecast performance.
Manage and monitor stocks of goods and materials taking into account their classification and purpose.

Cost-effectiveness of Infor EAM implementation is proved by international and Russian experience, ranging from 10% to 40% of fixed asset operating costs.

Increasing the equipment productivity

Increasing the equipment lifecycle

Reduction of reserves shortage

Downtime reduction

Lower the costs for repairs

Reducing labor costs for personnel maintenance