Workflow and Alerts for various systems

Changing business processes without the IT-specialists involvement

Creating data warehouse in real time

Infor ION helps simplify the integration of heterogeneous systems. Combining contextual business intelligence, reporting, and analysis the solution allows to combine business processes and monitoring into a single consistent architecture. The solution combines the service Reporting Services, mobile applications and cloud services into a single network.

With Infor ION you can

  • Easily integrate all your information systems with each other
  • Create automated business processes that will significantly improve the control of emergency situations
  • Design, standardize and track changes to any business process without the involvement of IT professionals
  • Easily control the business processes in real time
  • Promptly get information about the state of your business
  • Promptly make informed management decisions

System Advantages

With Infor ION all your information systems will work together seamlessly. You get a single solution that will allow you to:

  • Accelerate the development of your business
  • Combine all of your information systems simply, flexibly and smoothly
  • Manage the entire processes on-line
  • Analyze reliable data
  • Find and fix problems faster than ever before

You will get the information you need earlier, will be able to take action quicklier and see everything that is going on with your business.