One of the world’s best ERP-solutions for business process management in the workplace, including reporting, supply chain and projects, the sale of finished products and service. Infor LN is a leading solution designed specifically for project management, design and manufacture of planned production. Manufacturers around the world use Infor LN advanced processes for monitoring the assembly line, mass production, the production of complex products.

  • Configurable scheduling signals
  • Alternate products planning
  • The visual planning tools
  • Serial numbers and batches management
  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Bar-coding and mobile devices
  • The system of production scheduling optimization
  • Automatic quality control of operations planning in production and logistics

  • Automatic processing of quality mismatch parameters
  • Statistical analysis of the products quality
  • Integration with laboratory and measuring equipment
  • The visual quality control tools

Infor LN Function modules
System Features

  • Enterprise resource planning at various levels
  • Using industry KPI panels
  • Can be deployed in the Cloud
  • Virtualized technological platform
  • Available in 21 languages in 49 countries

System Advantages

  • Business process automation of production, procurement, storage and sale of finished products
  • Preparation and analysis of online objective information about manufacturing progress
  • Ensuring accessibility and transparency of the supply chain
  • Effective control of current production costs
  • Flexible price management, discounts and special offers