Open source software compatibility
Easy integration into customer's IT infrastructure without disrupting its integrity
Interaction with existing enterprise information systems without overloading users with redundant and unnecessary information

The system provides real-time collection, recording and analysis of production equipment parameters on customer’s enterprises.

The aim of implementation is on-line production process management by means of:
  • timely managerial decisions based on production equipment parameters, received directly from sensors; equipment operating time; product quality research results; technological parameters and other indicators of enterprise financial and economic activity;
  • timely informing of responsible personnel about production events.

Domestic solution created on Aspect Insight Platform.
The system is designed for medium and large businesses. It is flexible enough to meet specific needs of every customer.

Performed Tasks

  • Collection and storage of production data – information subsystems interaction for obtaining, accumulation and transfer of technological and management data from production enterprise environment. Integration with existing enterprise information systems;
  • Production capacity tracking – condition and resource use monitoring, i.e., entire production monitoring (manufacturing equipment, materials, personnel, records and documents);
  • On-line production management based on accurate quantitative and qualitative production indicators;

  • Quality management – recording data on product quality assessment focusing on compliance with specified technological parameters: identification of critical points and problems that require additional attention: accounting of corrective actions;
  • Data security – limitation of access rights to information in accordance with user functional role and responsibilities;
  • Operative informing – provision of operative data on equipment downtimes, quantities of raw materials used and products manufactured, equipment observations, current events on production lines, etc.

Modular solution provides data in a preferable form. That allows users to manage production in a more effective way, reduce losses and increase management decisions quality on production level.

System modules
Data subsystem – a subsystem of data collection from equipment sensors
Quality subsystem – a subsystem of finished products quality assessment
Administration subsystem
Monitoring subsystem – a subsystem of real-time equipment monitoring
Event subsystem – a subsystem of production line events logging
Accounting subsystem – a subsystem of data accounting on finished products and used raw materials
Implementation results

  • Increase in production volumes;
  • Reduction of equipment downtime;
  • Minimization of production costs;
  • Increase in percentage of orders fulfillment in due time;

  • Increase in transparency of materials, semi-finished and finished products movements;
  • Improvement of managerial decision-making efficiency;
  • Simplification of technological equipment analysis.

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